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Finolex PVC-U column pipes are engineered and manufactured in a special way using cutting-edge CNC machines. Finolex PVC-U column pipes are known for their patented lead-free compound and high performance. Finolex provides coupler end and bell end column pipes in a regular length of 3 metres.

The best features of Fenolex UPVC Column Pipes

-The pipes have an optimal load-carrying capacity.
-Long-life due to anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion properties.
-Excellent mechanical strength is ensured by the high torque resistance locking.
-It is simple to set up.
-Non-toxic, rust-proof, and lead-free.
-Produces higher well yields than standard metal pipes.
-Extremely high tensile strength.
-It is lightweight and easy to transport.
-High impact resistance.

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