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Get the latest price for red bricks & aac blocks in Hyderabad. Bricks and blocks are essential in construction due to several reasons. The updated price is only for red bricks and aac blocks in hyderabad. Our customers get free delivery on their orders. Don’t miss out on the great deals & attractive offers on our products.

Why Blocks?

Usage of AAC blocks reduces the overall dead weight of a structure, thereby allowing construction of firmer and taller buildings. Being 8 times the size of clay bricks, AAC wall construction requires 1/3rd of jointing mortar, saving up to 66% of cost. Significantly saving up to 25% steel and 10% concrete. AAC Blocks require lesser number of joints, which result in saving time, jointing material and labor. AAC blocks can be easily carved, drilled, nailed, milled and shaped to fit individual requirements.

Why Bricks?

They are much durable and hard that they can withstand severe wind and extreme weather conditions. Red bricks are great insulators, they store heat energy absorbed during daytime and release heat after the sun set. This helps in keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer. Red bricks create a very little amount of waste and produce less environmental pollution, hence they are eco-friendly and degrade completely.

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