Fly ash Bricks

Get Fly Ash Bricks cost online. Fly Ash Bricks are manufactured from industrial wastes like fly ash, cement, sand/stone dust. These bricks are now being preferred instead of clay bricks across the globe. Fly ash bricks cost displayed on our website is only for Hyderabad region. We also offer AAC BlocksSolid Blocks and Red Bricks. Our customers get free delivery on their orders. Don’t miss out on the great deals & attractive offers on our products.


Advantages of Fly Ash Bricks in Modern Times:


The appearance of fly ash bricks is very fascinating due to their pleasing color like cement, uniform size, and smooth finish. Due to uniform size, mortar needed for walls and plastering cut down almost by 40-50%.



The compressive strength of fly ash bricks is very higher (9-10 N/mm2). Because of higher strength no breakages/wastages during transport and handling. The lower thickness of joints and plaster decrease cracking in plaster.


Thermal Properties

The thermal conductivity of fly ash bricks is 0.90 – 1.05 W/m2. They acquire less heat. The pozzolanic reaction between fly ash and lime generates less heat. It keeps your building cooler in summer, thus most suitable for hot climates.



Fly ash bricks are extremely durable and less permeable. The lower permeability can efficiently decrease the effect of efflorescence on bricks. These bricks are less porous, absorb less water, and decrease dampness on the walls.



Fly ash bricks have easy workability and sorb less water. They do not need to soak in water for 24 hours. The sprinkling of water before use is adequate. The construction method is the same as clay brick construction and does not need any additional training for the masons.



These bricks are normally available closer to the thermal power plants. Even so, finding dealers in all major cities and towns wouldn’t be a problem.

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