AAC Blocks

Check the updated list of AAC Blocks price online. AAC Blocks offers these blocks under their brand name. AAC Blocks provide high precision in size and as a result saves cement and steel usage. These blocks are porous, renewable, reusable as well as recyclable. We also offer AAC Blocks from brands such as SmartBrix AAC BlocksPrime AAC Blocks & Greenstone AAC Blocks. AAC Blocks price listed is only for Hyderabad city. You are eligible for free delivery on all our products . Avail great discounts for a very limited period across Hyderabad.

Usage of AAC blocks reduces the overall dead weight of a structure, thereby allowing construction of firmer and taller buildings. Being 8 times the size of clay bricks, AAC wall construction requires 1/3rd of jointing mortar, saving up to 66% of cost. Significantly saving up to 25% steel and 10% concrete. AAC Blocks require lesser number of joints, which result in saving time, jointing material and labor. AAC blocks can be easily carved, drilled, nailed, milled and shaped to fit individual requirements. They are 3-4 times lighter than traditional concrete, which leads to advantages in transportation and material handling. AAC Blocks ensures a smooth and accurate masonry profile.  Renovation/alteration purposes may make use of these blocks.

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