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Specially built with superior adhesive strength to give stronger, far more durable bonding between the blocks. It takes the place of traditional cement and sand mortar. It is self-curing and does not require any additional water curing.

BONDIT BLOCK BOND is a high-strength, flexible, shock-resistant, and impact-resistant material.
BONDIT BLOCK BOND A thinner jointing material with a high tensile adhesion strength that improves masonry strength.
BONDIT BLOCK BOND A BONDIT BLOCK BOND is a better bond than traditional cement-based mortar.
BONDIT BLOCK BOND BONDIT BONDIT BLOCK BONDIT BONDIT Because of its spreadability, it is easier to apply.
BONDIT BLOCK BOND is cost-effective because it uses less mortar than traditional mortar.

Areas of Application:

Weight 40 kg


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