Buy Ashirvad agriculture pipes and fittings online in Hyderabad. Get Ashirvad Agri pipes price list.

Ashirvad Agri pipes are made of the highest industry-grade uPVC plastic, ensuring that potable water is delivered safely and reliably. These agricultural pipes and fittings are odorless and non-toxic. On the interior of the structure, they do not rust, pit, scale, corrode, or encourage build-up. These are extremely tough, flexible, and long-lasting, with high tensile and impact strength. Due to their self-extinguishing properties, Ashirvad Agri pipes and fittings are suitable for use in farm applications, including use in harsh weather conditions. It has good corrosion resistance. They can endure high pressure for extended periods of time and therefore have a long lifespan. Check the best price list on all types of plumbing materials online.


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ashirvad agriculture pipes Ashirvad Agri Pipes



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