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Anjani 53 grade Cement has higher strength and a better particle size distribution allows for the best water-cement ratio. Structures with greater ductility and dynamic performance. As per IS : 8112 – 1989, 3200 cm2/ gm is needed versus 2250 cm2/ gm. Higher fineness speeds up the cement’s strength gain, reducing consumption and improving workability. Sulphate-resisting properties are moderate. The Best Cement, for both plain and reinforced Plastering, masonry, and concrete, Concrete pipes, pre-stressed girders, and power poles. Concrete that has been pre-cast, pre-stressed, and slip-formed. Skyscrapers, R.C.C. bridges, and tall buildings and structures. Roads made of cement and concrete. Grouting and structural repairs. Get today’s Anjani PPC and OPC cement price in Hyderabad and get free delivery on orders of above 50 bags.

Weight 50 kg


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