Red Bricks

Access our online price list of Red Brick in Hyderabad. It is a beautiful building material with warm colors, a natural appearance and, once built, it needs no ongoing maintenance. These bricks are not uniform in size and texture but when compared to others is one of the best. We also offer Red Bricks from other brands such as Karimnagar Red BricksMaharashtra Red Bricks & Vijayawada Red Bricks. The mentioned price list is only for red brick in Hyderabad. Shop from our store to avail free delivery & bumper discounts!

Why get Red Bricks?

They are much durable and hard that they can withstand severe wind and extreme weather conditions. Red bricks are great insulators, they store heat energy absorbed during daytime and release heat after the sun set. This helps in keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer. Red bricks create a very little amount of waste and produce less environmental pollution, hence they are eco-friendly and degrade completely.

The raw material is easily available and the cost of maintenance is also low for red bricks. Red bricks are highly fire resistant and easily reusable and recyclable. They have a better sound performance where it is capable of blocking the sound from outside. Red brick is a solid unit of a building having a standard size and weight. These bricks have an average density of 125 PCF. Country made red brick size can be 200mm X 100mm X 65mm & 200mm X 100mm X 75 mm. They consume more cement for construction of a wall. Factory made red brick are also of a similar size but the consumption of cement can be reduced to 50%.

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